Our best chance to stop unconventional gas drilling in Victoria

front_page_of_card.jpgToday, Avant Card has started to distribute thousands of cards around Victoria urging people to support a permanent ban on unconventional gas drilling.

With a state government Inquiry into this industry currently underway, this is the best chance we will ever have to stop this destructive industry before it gets established in our state.

The Committee is due to release it's interim report on September 1.

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Fracking the Planet with the TPP

FRACKING_TPP_image_for_POST.pngAs Trade Ministers meet in Hawaii to continue the secret negotiations of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s Economic Justice Collective have released a paper titled Fracking the Planet: How the Trans Pacific Partnership will expand fracking in Australia and around the globe’This paper explains the implications of the Investment State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Chapter of the TPP, and explores the ways in which foreign corporations could use this clause to override the Australian law and environmental regulations to continue fracking the planet.


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unconventional gas industry has no social license

Uncon_gas_inquiry.jpgunconventional gas industry has no social license

Friends of the Earth media release. July 22, 2015

New polling commissioned by The Greens highlights the strong opposition to the unconventional gas industry in metropolitan areas.

Community resistance to this industry is enormous across regional Victoria” said Friends of the Earth co-ordinator Cam Walker. “More than 60 communities have already declared themselves coal and/or gasfield free.”

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Important campaign updates!

The Barmah-Millewa Collective has decided its time for a new name: the 'River Country Campaign'. This is an exciting evolution in our campaign, which points to a broadening effort to protect the ecosystems of the Murray-Darling Basin and to support land and water justice for Indigenous peoples.



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GDF Suez refusal to pay for cost of Hazelwood coal disaster reinforces need to regulate the sector

Hazelwood_fire.jpgMEDIA RELEASE: 7 July, 2015

National environment group Friends of the Earth say news the owner of Hazelwood is refusing to pay the $18 million cost of fighting last year's fire that occurred in their brown coal mine reinforces the need to regulate the sector.

"GDF Suez's refusal to pay an $18 million fire-fighting bill strengthens the case for regulating the coal sector to protect the public purse, community health, and our climate," said Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth campaigns coordinator.

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Support FoE and support green energy at the same time.

C3_tag_FoE.jpgWith the continued attempts by the federal government to undermine the Renewable Energy Target (RET), we need to stay focused on federal politics to ensure the best possible policy environment for the uptake of renewable power.

But there is a role for us as consumers as well. By purchasing green power (energy from renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro) we are helping create a strong economic environment that will drive further investment in clean energy.

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Unions and Community Groups Unite Against The TPP


Friends of the Earth was proud to help organise yesterday's Unions and Communities TPP Roundtable, hosted by the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) at the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) National Congress 2015.

The Roundtable included doctors, nurses, farmers, unionists, academics, lawyers, environmental groups, community groups and faith groups who have been campaigning around the TPP since 2010.

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