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We ask the BIG questions and our BIG ask to you is...
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Your support through membership or tax deductible donations contributes to community education, direct action, lobbying and strategic legal action.

Be part of the world's largest grassroots environmental network! We are active over 70 countries, fighting on the local, national and global scale for the principals of social and environmental justice. Annual membership entitles you to:

  • Quarterly issues of the Friends of the Earth Melbourne Newsletter keeping you informed on local issues;
  • 3 issues of Chain Reaction, an in depth national magazine of Friends of the Earth Australia;
  • A 5% discount at our fabulous Food Co-op & Cafe at 312 Smith St Collingwood;
  • A fortnightly e-bulletin keeping you up to date on issues and events;
  • Participation at the FoE AGM.


In addition to this - you are supporting the right for humans to protect the precious biodiversity of our planet. FoE acts as a voice for local community like no other organisation can.