Container Deposit event at Parliament House

Monday August 13.


WHAT:  A large banner saying; “8 billion drink container not recycled every year” will be on the steps of Parliament, held by people in can and bottle costumes.

WHERE: Steps of State Parliament, Melbourne

WHEN:  Wednesday August 15, 1-1.30 pm

WHY: 8 billion drink containers are not recycled in Australia every year. These are either littered or go to landfill. Australia needs a drink container deposit system to fix this problem.

*AFROCAB (Australians for Refunds on Cans and Bottles) PH: 5968282/0428689581
*Friends of the Earth, Melbourne

If the state government implements an important litter reform, charities and community groups around Victoria will soon be reaping financial benefits from previously unwanted drink containers.

In South Australia the scouts make over $1 million a year from cans and bottles. A wide variety of other groups also do very well from their container deposit system. The same thing will happen in Victoria if the state government honors its 2010 election promise to give Victoria a container deposit system.

This would be an important litter reform because currently 8 billion drink containers are not recycled in Australia every year. Millions of these become litter. With a container deposit system these drink containers will become a source of income rather than a financial burden on taxpayers in clean up costs.

Our waterways will also benefit because they will no longer be the final destination of millions of drink containers. Instead these drink containers will be recycled saving water, energy and non renewable resources.

On August 24 State Environment Minister Ryan Smith is to attend a meeting of state, territory and federal environment ministers in Canberra. The state government  says they favour a national system. If the consensus needed for a national system is not achieved at this meeting in Canberra, we believe the state government should implement its election promise to give Victoria its own container deposit system.

At 1 pm on Wednesday August 15 a small group of litter activists dressed in drink containers with a large ‘8 billion not recycled every year’ banner, will appear on the steps of state parliament to remind those inside of the size of this problem.

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