The State of Victoria’s environment

Questioning the Baillieu government’s record

Where: Kew Heights Sports Club, 397 Barkers Rd Kew
(Mel. Ref. 45 H9)

When: 6:00-7:30pm Tuesday 27 November


Featuring Professor David Lindenmayer and members of the Hamer Family

In just two years since the Baillieu government took office, we’ve seen a string of backward steps on significant environmental issues like protection of natural places, native forest logging, climate change and urban sprawl.

You’re invited to a mid-term review of the Baillieu government’s environmental performance, co-hosted by Victoria’s leading not for- profit environment groups.

You’ll hear from:

Professor David Lindenmayer

One of Australia’s most respected ecologists, Professor Lindenmayer will provide a snapshot of the state of Victoria’s environment under the Baillieu government: misguided funding initiatives, the growing threat of climate change to Victoria’s natural environment, and the status of endangered species like the Fairy (Leadbeater’s) Possum, which is currently being driven to extinction by the State government’s taxpayer-funded native forest logging practices leading Professor Lindenmayer to resign from his government post in protest.

Sarah Brenan and Julia Hamer

As members of the Hamer Family, Sarah and Julia will provide a personal reflection on the legacy of their father, Sir Rupert Hamer - former Liberal Premier of Victoria and the architect of Melbourne’s green wedges - in protecting Victoria’s environment, and the importance of environmental protection as an issue that transcends partisan politics.

We all want our children, grandchildren and loved ones to enjoy the same quality of life we’ve had, so let’s be a part of securing that future for them.

Be involved, be informed.

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Organised by

Environment Victoria,
Friends of the Earth,
The Wilderness Society,
Victorian National Parks Association