Friends of the Earth Melbourne AGM

 Friends of the Earth Melbourne


Annual General Meeting 2012






Reminder Notice of FoE Melbourne AGM and
notification of change of date:


Dear FoE Melbourne Member, the 2012 FoE Melbourne
will now take place on November
the 29th 2012.


FoEM will be proposing
minor procedural changes to the Constitution this year.


Friends of the Earth Melbourne is also
looking for new members to join our committee of management, known as PAC (the
Policy and Accountability Committee).


PAC members are required
to meet quarterly and have oversight of governance and policy, fulfill the
legal requirements of a board of management while adhering to the
non-hierarchical principles of FoE.


If you would like to
join PAC please signal your intent via email by the 23rd November
and bring the below nomination form (Appendix 2) along to the AGM on the 29th of November


Date:      Thursday 29th November 2012

Time:      Arrive 5.45pm for commencement at 6pm

Venue:   Friends
of the Earth Food co-op café, 312
Smith St Collingwood




1. Welcome

2. Confirmation of the previous AGM

3. Campaign Report

4. Financ        ial Report

5. Constitutional Changes (See
Appendix 1 - Below)

6. Election of PAC  (See Appendix 2 – Nomination Form)

(PAC is equivalent to the committee
of management but known as the Policy and Accountability Committee)

7. Election of Gift Fund Committee

8. FoE’s building and future home

9. AOB




Appendix 1:

NB: please email
if you would like to be emailed a full copy of the current constitution.


FoE Melbourne
proposed constitutional changes:


1. Clause 19, Elections for the Committee 

Change from:
...Eligible members shall be those
who have been members of FOE for at least one year preceding the AGM

Eligible members must be current members of FOE

2. Clause 10, Register of Members:

Add the following words in italics:
A register of members shall be kept
and available for inspection by the membership at the FOE office. The register
will record the name, address, and date of joining of each member. 
An address for the purposes of the register  may include an email
address of a member in addition to a residential or postal address. 

3. Clause 29, Notices:, 

Add the following words in italics
A notice may be served on behalf of
FOE upon any member either personally, or by sending it by post 
or by email to the postal or email address shown in the
Register of Members.

Change 29.1 as follows:
Where a notice is properly addressed
pre paid and posted to a person as a letter, the document shall [add:] 
be deemed to have been given to the person two business day’s after it
was posted
] unless the
contrary is proved, be deemed to have been given to, the person at the time
which the letter would have been delivered in the ordinary course of post.

And add:
29.2 Where a notice is given by email, it
shall be deemed to have been given on the day the email was sent, and if that
day is not a business day, then on the next business day.




Appendix 2

PAC Nomination Form for Friends of the Earth Melbourne – November



& Accountability Collective)


Nomination Form


I ______________________ being a member of Friends
of the Earth Melbourne


______________________ for the Management




I ______________________ being a member of Friends
of the Earth Melbourne
second the above Nomination.


(NB: This form can be
filled out on the night of the AGM)


Signature of person being nominated



Signature of Nominator ______________________



Signature of Seconder _______________________