Victorian government ignores deadline to respond to EDIC report

30 November 2012

Friends of the Earth

Another lost opportunity to acknowledge community concerns

The State government has not bothered to respond to the recommendations in the report from the Inquiry into greenfields mineral exploration and project development in Victoria.

The Government had six months to respond to the recommendations of the report, which was tabled on May 22.

The Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee is a Joint Investigatory Committee of the Parliament of Victoria and the report contained 25 recommendations, including a number which would improve information flow to landowners likely to be affected by mining operations. Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator Cam Walker said “While many of the recommendations are intended to facilitate and fast track minerals developments, there is one proposal that could demonstrate that the government really is listening to the growing community concerns about new coal and gas operations”.

“Recommendation 6 calls for the state government to develop a ‘state-wide integrated, strategic land use policy framework to better manage competing land uses in Victoria’. Other states are moving down this path. A state wide assessment would allow us to collect the data about our best agricultural land and the likely impacts of any new coal and gas industry on land, water and agriculture”.

“Any meaningful state-wide land use assessment should then lead to creation of No Go zones for fossil fuel mining activity in key food producing areas”.

“The fact that the government has not bothered to respond to a key Parliamentary Committee report shows just how little political will there is in the Victorian Coalition to actually respond to community concerns about new coal and gas operations.”

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