Our Publications

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We have not been able to transfer over all the publications we had on our old website, so it will be a bit thin on here for a while.

We are just starting to load our paper newsletter from spring 2008. This is sent (along with our magazine) to all members and supporters. You can access it here as a pdf.

You can also check out our various publications on our national website, available here.


Climate change and equity in Victoria. Focusing on Victoria, this report identif ies the projected direct and indirect effects of climate change and the likely impacts these will have on low-income communities. It also makes a series of recommendations targeted at government, specific industries and community sectors so that as a community, we can take appropriate action to curtail and reduce the likely adverse impacts of climate change. 
It can be found here.

Climate Code Red. The case for a sustainability emergency. Available here. Authors: David Spratt and Philip Sutton. February 2008. This report was republished as a book in July 2008.

HRL - burning coal at three minutes to midnight. Available here.


Most of our work on chemicals can be found here.


Our nano related publications can be found here.


Our leaflet on the most sustainable options for recycled paper products can be found here.


For details on our annual assesment of the election promises of the state ALP government, please check here.

A Green New Deal is a discussion paper addressing how we can achieve an integrated response to the triple crunch of recession, climate change, and peak oil. April 2009. It is available here.


Our booklet on renewable energy and energy efficiency, Empowering change, can be found here.


A paper on alternative sources of water  for Melbourne can be found here. It was prepared by Neil Rankine, Watershed Victoria, for a FoE public forum
held in Melbourne in March 2009. It outlines alternative sources of
water to the proposed desalination plant and the North South pipeline.

Our report on the ecological impacts of the North South pipeline Out of sight, out of mind? can be found here.

Water Quality Issues in Victoria. Report from FoE Melbourne, 2010. Available here.