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Latest News - Eco market Update

See information about the proposed South Melbourne Commons - A community hub of social enterprise, markets and food production.


FilmA Taste of Film - Commons Food Film Nights in 2012

Thursday 15th, 22nd and 29th of March at 6.30pm
South Melbourne Commons

Please join us on Thursday 15th, 22nd and 29th of March at 6.30pm for a ‘Taste of film’ -  A menu of short and feature films all about food.  Be part of the conversation after each screening. 

* Enjoy FREE hot POPCORN & buy organic snacks from The Pantry *

Screening Program

Thursday 15th  - A tasting plate

Short films and interviews that will see us cover topics ranging from the Australia’s Food Connect, Adelaide’s Urban Orchard, a look at indigenous perspectives on land and food with Uncle Bob Randal; along with international food politics and Food Sovereignty with the likes of Raj Patal and Vandana Shiva and La Via Campesina. We finish the night with a look at how to start new community gardens in the City of Port Phillip.

Thursday 22nd  - Supermarket Sweep

If you are not already upset by the behaviour of Australia’s biggest two supermarkets, you soon will be.  Interviews and current affairs episodes explore the impact our of the supermarket duopoly.  ‘The price we pay’ and ‘Woolies & Coles’ episodes will be complimented by interviews with Nick Rose & Robert Pekin from Food Connect on food sovereignty and supermarkets; and Dick Smith on Coles and ‘extreme capitalism’.

Thursday 29th - Hungry For Change

A new film ‘Hungry For Change’ exposes shocking secrets the diet, weightloss and food industry don't want you to know about. Deceptive strategies designed to keep you craving more and more. On the flip side we learn about taking care of our bodies with exercise, raw foods and the knowledge we wish we had when we were kids.  It could just be the motivation you need to turn over a new leaf.

Entry by donation.

RSVP if you can or just show up e:
p: 0403 440 996
Corner of Bank & Montague St, South Melbourne
The night will end around 8pm  

Seasonal Food Pocket Guide - Ready to Go

The seasonal food pocket guide is now available for free download. The guide will tell you what fresh produce is in season each month for the Melbourne and surrounding area. Eating sustainably produced, locally grown, in-season food from small independent shops is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce your daily ecological footprint.

Looking for our November news wrap from our interview on 3CR Food Fight radio or our Guerilla Gardening links from the SYN radio interview? You'll find them here.

Access to fresh healthy food is a basic human right. However, the ability to uphold this right is becoming increasingly difficult with giant agribusiness slowly taking control of the food chain. From seed to supermarket the same players are buying up, consolidating and effectively controlling what farmers grow, how it is grown, packed, shipped and what price they will get paid.

As consumers we unknowingly play our part in this vicious cycle. Through the lack of information, limited options and relentless bombardment of food marketing, we return to the supermarket day after day to purchase more of the same homogenous packaged food. We have no idea where it came from, how it was made or how it got there, but its there on the shelf and .. oh the convenience of being able to get the dairy, fruit, vegetables and washing powder all under the one roof at 7.PM.

By making informed decisions about what we eat and how we get it, people can substantially limit their ecological footprint and take back control of our food.

Contact us at realfood[at] for more information


. . . Breaking news . . . Check out our exciting Eco Market campaign.
Imagine a real alternative to shopping at Coles and Woolies. Imagine a
farmers market with live music, bicycle parking and educational
workshops, where you could find most of the items you normally buy at
the supermarket, all underpinned by environmental, social and ethical
criteria. Imagine Eco Market.

. . . Breaking news . . . Guerrilla gardening planting
day was a success. Get down and dirty with us as we demonstrate that as
a community we can provide free fresh, seasonal chemical free food and
create a sense of community. More details here.